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Imagine looking up and seeing a sky full of fairies hovering above you. These are the things that spark a child's imagination. It's so easy to make your very own fairy mobile. This project is great to do with children ages 4-10 or for a friend who's expecting. What a great baby shower gift it would make!

Here's what you need:

6 silk pieces
Gold thread (you can choose any color)
A fine needle
Ribbon to hang your mobile
White stuffing wool
A piece of driftwood, stick or wooden ring to hold your mobile in place.

Let's Get Started!

First, cut 6 lengths of thread, 12" each.

Next, take a little bit of stuffing and form it into a tight ball so it's about the size of a marble.

Next, thread your needle with the two tails of thread. Put the needle in at the neck and come out right in the middle of the top of the head.

Cut off your short tail level with the top of the head - careful not to snip your silk. This is easy-peasy, right?!

Now just repeat those steps to create the remaining 5 fairies.

Hang your branch or ring with ribbons.

Tie the fairies along it. Balancing them out so they hang evenly. Be sure you give them enough room to fly as you sing: