DIY Silk Collage Easter Eggs and Garlands

DIY Silk Collage Easter Eggs and Garlands

DIY Silk Collage Easter Eggs and Garlands

Materials and supplies:
Mod Podge, freezer paper, colored silk scraps, white silk, paint brush, tape, water jar, rag

Step 1
Cut or tear two pieces of white silk to 9 x12”  or any size so long as the two are the same size. You may also work with one colored silk and one white silk. Sarah’s Silks has rainbow silks  (seen above) which are wonderful to work with. And we sell scrap bags that contain enough to make 2 small projects.
Also prepare strips by tearing the silk into long strands and cutting one or two strips into confetti.  Good scissors making the cutting easier but if you are having difficulty twist the strips like a cord and then make your cuts.

Step 2
Tape a piece of freezer page shiny side up to your work surface. It must be shiny side up! The piece should be larger than your silk by 5” so that you have a border of freezer paper around the silk when it is laid on top.

Lay a thick coat of Mod Podge on the freezer paper, and  immediately lay one of the pieces of white silk on top of the Mod  Podge and coat the silk with a layer of Mod Podge, more is better than less.

Mod Podge is an acrylic medium which means you will need water to keep your brushes clean.

Step 3
Build your silk collage by laying your strips and confetti on top of your wet silk square. Brush Mod Podge over all of the pieces coating them thickly.

Step 4
Lay your second sheet of white silk over your work, sandwiching your strips and confetti. Once again coat the entire surface with Mod Podge lavishly. There will be air pockets that can be worked out by the brush and by tugging at the edge of the top layer of silk. It is not necessary to get them all out but you will be happier with your finished piece if you out the larger ones.

Step 5
After your work is completely dry, peel it off the freezer paper. It should be flexible and ready to cut into whatever shapes you like. 

Cut out hearts, flowers, stars or egg shapes for Easter. 

We used a needle and thread to make a heart garland.

Hang them up in a window for a stained glass effect, use for birthday party decorations, Easter decorations and more.

Thanks to Tania from Fairy Shadow for this lovely idea and post!

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  • Silk is So COOL and so are YOU!!! Thanks for such CREATIVE, ARTISTIC ideas~~~~~ Peace~Light~Love

    Aurora on

  • This is a fantastic idea! I will be doing this with my daughter and niece, I just wish the weather was more spring and festive, I’ll pass on these springtime snow storms lately, grrr.

    Erin on

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