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These beloved Valentine’s Envelopes are made in kindergartens. My own sons loved them and I’ve saved some from their childhood. It’s what they put received cards from friends in at school to take home. You can make them yourself at home!

Part 1: Making the water color paper

Watercolor paper (8x10 or larger)
Watercolor paint (we used liquid water colors)
Sponge (for cleanup)
Pain- brushes
Small containers for water and paints
Shallow pan to soak the watercolor paper 

Start by soaking a sheet of watercolor paper in a shallow pan or dish for at least 15 minutes.

While that paper is soaking, set out sponges on a water safe surface (kitchen table works great!). 

Set out paintbrushes, and place paint into small containers.

Pull the watercolor paper out of the water and let any excess water drip back into the pan for a few seconds.

Lay the watercolor paper flat onto your working surface.

Dip your paintbrush into a paint color of choice, and begin painting! You can start with just one color, or many.

Have fun watching the colors spread and mix.

We preferred the look of covering the ENTIRE paper with paint so there were no white spots, but you might try something different.

Let your paper dry in place. Once dry, you are ready for PART 2!

Part 2: Weaving Hearts

Heart Template
Watercolor paper (made in Part 1)
Hole Punch

Print the Heart Template (see below). Fold the template in ½.

Fold your painted paper (should be dry!) exactly as you folded the template.

Stack the template on top of your painted paper, and use the template as a cutting guide to cut out your heart pieces.

Remove the template. You should have two folded, cut pieces of painted watercolor paper. Leave them folded for the next step.

The weaving part is difficult to describe, but much easier to understand visually. You will be weaving the heart into a basket.

Don’t worry, once you get the first row done it will be a snap! 

Alternate weaving the “loops” through and around each other in each row. If you do it correctly, you will end up with a heart that opens up at the top.

(See blue and white photos below) If you want to skip the watercolor you can just cut out two different colors of paper as seen below.

Punch a hole for the handle, tie some string, and you’ve got an AMAZINGLY beautiful valentine!