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This week, I had the pleasure of escaping into one of the most magical spaces, Line Westman's kindergarten classroom at Summerfield Waldorf school. I knew I wanted to do something special to honor the 100 year anniversary of Waldorf (tomorrow - September 19th!), and when my dear friend Line agreed to be my featured guest on the blog it just made perfect sense. Not only is Line a well-loved Waldorf teacher, she's also a Mom to three boys who all attended Waldorf school and she herself is an alumnus of a k-12 Waldorf school in Germany - who better to shed light on the Waldorf experience?!

Line and I both love Waldorf for many of the same reasons - the emphasis on open-ended play, the amount of choice and flexibility offered to students all the way from kindergarten through their senior year of high school, and the supportive environment that fosters individual growth and self realization. The ethos of Waldorf has manifested itself, full - circle, in Line - and I'm so happy to share her words with you today.

During our conversation, we talked about the kinds of toys you might find in a Waldorf classroom, and why Line has chosen to use the ones that she does; color diversity within Waldorf; the balance of work projects and open-ended play that Line creates for her students; and a little bit about what a Waldorf education looks like for older children and teenagers. If Waldorf is something you've been considering dipping your toes into, I hope this little peak inside a Waldorf classroom proves helpful for you! Scroll down to the bottom of the page to watch my full interview with Line.