Simple, Easy to Make Maypole

Simple, Easy to Make Maypole

Simple, Easy to Make Maypole

Mayday is such a wonderful day to celebrate! Fresh flower garlands, strawberry shortcake and dancing around a Maypole are all ways people have celebrated spring's arrival for many years.

Making a Maypole can be overwhelming so here is a simple way to make a "maypole" for your family, homeschool group or preschool using our playsilks and any simple hoop. We have a kit for sale here if you'd like to get everything you need.

Watch the video to see how and here are the steps:

1. Cover the hoop with scraps of silk or ribbons. Alternatively use an embroidery hoop and press fabric together (see images below).

2. Incorporate fresh or silk flowers into the wrapping or use hot glue to decorate.

3. Tie the corner of one playsilk per dancer to the hoop

4. Take your Maypole to an open space and have each dancer hold the end of the playsilk with some tension.

5. Dance and skip to the following songs!

We’re Dancing Around the Maypole High:


 Here We Go Round the Maypole High:





DIY Cloth Hoop Video from Sarah's Silks on Vimeo.


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  • Are both hoops the same size?

    khali on

  • Looking for maypole ribbon. suggestions?

    Doug on

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