Magical Playsilks with a Señorita Twist!

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Can I be a kid again! Guess it is time to Play Silk with my two year old granddaughter, who is coming for a visit soon. We are building a silk playroom covering our living room playtable so she has a secret place to get away.


Once upon a time a lone silk sat folded and almost asleep upon a shelf. One day children’s voices could be heard nearby and the silk got a little excited for she had heard stories of children and all the adventures one could have with them. To her absolute delight she felt a smal hand take hold of her. And what a day she had! She was a cape for a little bit, then she got to hug a baby doll ever so tight, she carried the groceries from the kitchen over to the resturaunt and became a tablecloth for the picnic. She met some new friends, a couple of playclips, who held on so well to her while she hung on the side of the playhouse! She thought there couldn’t be any more wonderful in one day when she was held by two children on her corners while they sang her almost to sleep with a very special song about butterflies and friends. She was put to bed upon her shelf and fell happily to sleep dreaming all night of what amazing things might happen tomorrow. <3

Marna Widom

Our rainbow silk scape becomes many wonderful things in my children’s play. It’s been a baby carrier, cave door, helped define rooms of an imaginary play house, restaurant service counter, and so much more. The material is lovely and enchanting and oh so inspiring!


Subbing in different preschool rooms – they love to use play silks n dramatic play and over the wood frame I have to tent it in


Love how soft and colorful your silks are!!


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