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Nature Masks

O CTOBER IS THE month for the spookiest festival of the year, Halloween. Transform your little one's costume with a DIY nature mask this Halloween and simply add some Playsilks to complete your outfit.

October 9th, 2020

What you'll need:
  • Nature's treasures: sticks, leaves, flowers, and any other found objects from nature
  • Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Nature Mask Template. Available in three styles here.
  • String

How to create a nature mask for your Halloween dress-up:

1. Begin by exploring a favorite place outside with a basket, collecting pieces from nature for your mask.
2. Print out our  mask template here  and cut them out.

3. Punch holes to thread the string through.

4. Lay out your collection of nature treasures and let your creativity go wild.

5. Use strong glue to hold down your nature treasures to your mask.

6. Once your mask has dried, use the string to measure your child’s head and attach to the mask.

7. Hang to dry (you can rinse if you want to but it isn't necessary).   


Payton with her nature mask dressed as a forest fairy in our Forest Playsilk , Fairy Skirt , & Garland .

Kai dressed up as a pumpkin with his nature mask and our Playsilks in Orange and Black .

Photography by @our_life_behind_the_lens