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Woven Watercolor Basket

Woven Watercolor Basket

Woven Watercolor Basket

Woven Watercolor Basket

A Simple Craft in Watercolor & Weaving

This fun and useful art project makes for a perfect basket and gift for Spring or Easter! Learn about watercolor and the art of weaving as your basket comes to life. Many of our new Easter offerings fit perfectly inside too. This craft is perfect for children ages 6+. 

What You'll Need:

  • Heavy weight watercolor paper 16 ½ x 18 inches
  • Paint brush
  • Watercolors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Making Your Basket

Begin by cutting your watercolor paper to 16 ½” wide by 18” tall. Then paint a rainbow or anything you wish on your paper!  Little ones will find this part of the project great fun!  The weaving skills are perfect for slightly older children.

When your paper has dried, use a ruler to measure and mark out ¾ inch strips along the length side of your paper.

Cut along your marked lines.

We will make the bottom of the basket first. Take 5 of your strips and line them up, color side up. Take another 5 of your strips and weave them between the first 5 you layed out. It’s helpful to say “under, over, under, over” as you make your basket for first time weavers.

Make sure your strips are nice and tight together and the ends of your strips are lined up. Ideally the bottom of your basket is right in the middle of all your strips.

Next, fold in each side of your basket to make the walls.  With each fold, crease your paper to make a right angle.

You can then start weaving the sides of your basket. When you come to a corner, pinch your strip of paper to make a right angle. When you have woven all the way around the basket edge, tape the ends of the paper strip together. Our basket is 4 strips high but you can make yours as tall as you like!

When the walls are done, fold in the extra length of the paper strips. You can try weaving them in the sides or taping them down.

Now your basket is ready for anything you can imagine! From Easter baskets, to flower collecting, small world play and beyond!


Sarah & Madlyn

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