My New Job Title

I've decided to call myself a Play Advocate. So many people ask, what is your job? And on those pesky forms we all have to fill out it asks for job title. I have randomly written silk dyer, toy maker, business owner, but none of these actually describes what I DO, what I LOVE, what is my PASSION.

Play Advocate is perfect! In fact, maybe we can all become Play Advocates, or Play Makers as the Life Is Good Foundation calls themselves. Here is a link to this amazing work

Here is their motto: Life Can hurt, play can help. Love it! And you can see that they are using our playsilks in their work.

My desire is similar to theirs: to help keep children playing creatively, innocently and with great imagination for as long as possible.

Often times I sit at a fair with my baskets of playsilks and grownups walk by and comment what are these for?  I try to give my best explanation, but they often don't get it. Scarves, for kids?  What? But then a child will wander over, pull out some silks, exclaim about their favorite color, how soft the silk is, and start tying one around their waist, or neck, or dancing around watching it flutter in the wind and I think: that's it.

That's what I do this for. Exactly that.

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  • I love this blog post. I am doing my child psychology term paper on play and cognitive development. Did you hear about Carol and her accident at TJ’s. I just talked to her son Alex about bringing her some veggie meals or a treat of some sort. Busy moving but I will find the time. -Erin

    Erin on

  • Excellent! I love being a Play Advocate also. I don’t use silk, I will leave that to you (you are better at working with silk than I am!) but we use anything we can find at our house to make into toys. We do this at least 3 times a week. No tv, videogames, etc. find something to do that does not have to have batteries or electricity to work and lets build/make something. I have even taught my kids to do hand sewing so we don’t have to use our electric machines! Sounds silly but most days I wish we could be Plain!

    Beth on

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