Summer Play and Nature Tables

Here is one of my favorite illustrations we have of our products in use! Caron Dunn is our most amazing illustrator and stuffed animal designer. She really understands the beauty and magic of childhood as you can see in this drawing.  This little scene could be adapted to make a summer nature table. An undersea canopy could be hung over the table. Blue, green and turquoise playsilks can be laid on the table as water. Small boats, pretty stones, sea shells and beach glass can be used to set the scene. Our fishing game would be a lovely addition as a morning birthday surprise! We often add  new items to our table when the children are asleep, so they are eager to notice what's new.

In my opinion a nature table is for playing with, adding to with lovely objects found in nature, but also treated with respect and care.

Some lovely wooden animals having some green grass on our table.

A Hawaiian tableau complete with palm tree.

Here is a summer nature table our friend Monica made. She is a local/Sonoma County, CA felt artist.

There is a wonderful article about her and making nature tables at Sono-Ma.

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