Playdate With Playsilks!

We had a fun playdate with our playsilks and some toys from our friends at Yellow Label Kids. Here is how we did it so you can have a playgroup playsilk day or birthday party!

We invited some children from our kids' school, Summerfield Waldorf and had the playdate in the wonderful kindergarten play yard.

First we set up play stations. One was a big pile of playsilks with some silk garlands. The older kids started helping the littler ones in a variety of "costumes".  Some tied playsilks on as capes, some anchored them on their heads with garlands. It was a creative group.

There were some pirates, princesses, knight and birds.

The kids ran around under the oak trees with the silks flowing behind them.

Swinging is really fun with a silk billowing behind you!

Some of the kids found a fallen tree to use as their boat. Some played with Yellow Label Kids Waldorf dolls and rattles.

Two big girls took out a rainbow scape and billowed it up and down while the little ones ran under it. They sang silly songs to them, like London Bridges Falling Down...

We built a rainbow fort using our new cotton building cloths and a folding frame.

Next was a tea party. We were pretending it was a birthday party for everyone, so each child wore a crown and had a magic wand.

When the children left, each took home a seconds bag of our toys. It was a wonderful day!

Many thanks to our model friends and photographer Mariah Smith. Please share photos of your playsilk playdates, and if you live in Sonoma County and would like to join our next playdate, let us know!

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