You're never Too Old To Enjoy Playsilks! Stylist:Katie

Playsilks play in mysterious ways...we know this is true. One minute the kids are playing with them, the next minute we find ourselves playing and imagining all the things each silk might do. You can imagine how happy we are when we learn that we're not the only "older" kids playing with silks.

My friend, Carol, told me for years how her daughter, Katie, enjoys playsilks. I decided it was time to get to the heart of the matter and talk with Katie myself.

Here's what I discovered:

How long have you been using playsilks?

I've played with them since I was old enough to snag my brother's playsilks from his basket (probably since I started crawling).

Why do you like playsilks?

Playsilks can do anything, they're unlimited! I remember using them to make princess dresses, build forts, even put on shows. My brother and I would make sets out of them and use the blue silks for the sky background. So much fun! There's still a basket of playsilks in our living room.

What are your favorite colors of playsilks?

I love the turquoise and salmon colors.

Are there any other ways you've used your silks over the years?

I've used them to dress up my dolls. I get tired of the same outfits, so I wrap and tie the silks around the dolls to give them something new to wear. Once I dressed them as "seasonal" dolls and changed the colors of their silks with each season.

Do you babysit?

Yes, these are fun to use with little kids. I played with them with my cousins from London. We had great time.

Thanks, Katie!

It's so exciting to see our playsilk alumni introducing younger children to all the fun!

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  • My son loves his silks… they are "water"for animals, “mud” for trucks, “grass” for playing in… endlesss. We bought an array of colors from a waldorf sale. thank you for fostering imagination!

    Stacy on

  • What a lovely article! Your pictures and stories capture the essence of a child’s imagination.

    My son also loves the playsilks.

    Holly White-Wolfe on

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