Make Your Own Rainbow Dollhouse or Tipi

A little dollhouse or tipi is a wonderful gift! This one is easy to make yourself and can be taken down to store when not in use.

We use ours on our nature table and change the silks to go with the seasons.

You will need:

  • a wooden base from Casey's or one with bark from Basswood
  • 3 1-yard long pieces of basket cane, try round reed #9 from here. Or cut some willow branches that bend easily.
  • a playsilk

Make 6 marks on your wood base. drill holes the size of your cane. Mine are 1/4".

Decide if you will make a tall tipi or rounded top dollhouse.

Glue the canes into holes as they can pop out easily.

Add animals, shells, acorns, fairies, dolls and more.

The book Toymaking with Children has more ideas:

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  • Beautiful! We are just getting started in Waldorf so I love seeing ideas others have used for their nature tables.

    Emma on

  • Golly! What a lovely idea! I’m going to bookmark this post to share. And thank you for the giveaway!

    Brandy on

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