Outdoor Play and Travel Toys

For summer travel, beach trips, and even restaurant visits it is nice to take along a toy or two that pack small and can be used in many creative ways.

Some of our lightweight  favorites to pack and play with in hotels, friends houses and public places are:

Playsilks at the beach

String games while waiting in line.

Scapes for group games.

Skytails and Parachutes for active play.

Here I am in the park telling a puppet story with a sea scape and playsilk made into a simple knot doll.

What are your favorite travel toys? Have you built forts with playsilks in hotel rooms? Has your child worn playsilks tied on as a cape or wings to "fly" at the beach? Share your stories with us; here and on our Facebook page.

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  • My 5 & 3 yr old recently found play silks in my purse while shopping at Target. They made a lovely shopping cart fort! Much more peaceful way to shop, and cut through that harsh store light! Many little ones we passed wanted to get in our cart as well :)

    Paige on

  • What wonderful ideas!! My daughter loves to wear her silk as a cape and fly around. She also loves to build forts with her silks!

    Michelle on

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