Magical Playsilks with a Señorita Twist!

What do you like about playsilks? 

We would love to hear about how your kids play with silks and pretend.

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  • I bought playsilks and capes to use at my daughter’s 4-year dress-up birthday party. She just turned 8, and she still plays daily with everything I bought 4 years ago for costumes, dressup, class performances and toy scene backdrops.

    Emily Marciniak on

  • I love the smooth feel of them, how beautifully they take dyes and so fun to twirl and play with!

    Sarah on

  • They are beautiful and my children love them!

    Callie Tuschen on

  • I am an early childhood music educator and I love using playsilks for music exploration with students and my own children.

    Stacey on

  • We have no play silks at the time but i am saving for one to drape over the playstands. She gets lots of sunlight in her room so i think she will love all the colors and enjoy the silky feel

    Dawn T Flores-Ortega on

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