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Wonderful starter sets. Add a basket and start a beautiful tradition of imaginative play and dress-up in your home.

  • 6 Primary Playsilks: purple, royal, turquoise, emerald, orange and red-35"squares
  • 6 Pastel Playsilks: lavender, sky, lime, yellow, salmon and pink-35"squares
  • All 12 includes both sets above
  • All 17 includes all 12 plus: brown, white, rose, red violet and gold. Our complete set at a greatly reduced price.
  • 5 Enchanted Playsilks-rainbow,sea,blossom , star and fire -35"squares
  • 6 Mini Playsilks: Rose, Red, Yellow, Emerald, Royal, Purple-21"squares
  • 4 Mini Enchanted Playsilks: Rainbow, Star, Blossom, Sea-21"squares

These also make a wonderful gift for friends.

"Someone once asked in an interview - if you and your kids were stranded on an island and could take only one thing, what would that be? My reply was, 'A playsilk' - there's no end to what a playsilk can be :-)"

~Donni from The Magic Onion