Bee Play House

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Our newest addition to our collection of open-ended wooden toys, Play Houses are perfect for small world play, nature table displays, and so much more!

Inspired by our love of honeybees and flowers, we created our Bee House with three sides: a geometric honeycomb, a beehive with two bees, and blossoming spring flowers.

Add a Playsilk cover and change the color for the season or time of day - gold, green, or bright sunny yellowSome other ideas include:

  • Make a triangle house
  • Use as a puppet theater
  • Babies can use as a Playsilk “pull”
  • Combine with a Rainbow or Forest Play House
  • Make a maze

Made of all-natural Baltic Birchwood in California. Comes with a waxed hemp cord for assembly and simple instructions.

The fully assembled Play House measures 27in long x 9in tall.

Safe & fun for all ages.


Bee Play House