Halloween Inspiration and Contest!

To celebrate Halloween, Sarah's Silks invited our wonderful community to share their handmade costumes with us!

Sarah picked her favorites from each of the following 5 categories, each winner will get a gift bag of treats sent to them!

Thank you to everyone who participated!

1. Best Use of Playsilks


"Ice Wizard"

2. Best Animal


"Cheetah boy and cheetah pet...they are ready!"

3. Funniest

Emily M.

"Super Pumpkin Girl!"

4. Most Creative Incorporation of Face Mask

Nicole S.

"Our hero, a Nurse! ❤"

5. Best Fairy Tale Costume





Share your handmade costumes with the community by tagging us on Instagram @sarahssilks or upload them to our website below. Sarah added her favorites from last year for inspiration!