Sarah's Silks Printable Nature Masks

Sarah's Silks Printable Nature Masks

Transform your little one's costume with a DIY nature mask this Halloween and simply add some Playsilks to complete the outfit! For best results print these out on a heavy card stock and cut out using sharp scissors.

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Materials Needed

  • Paper Mask Printable (Download/Print below)
  • Scissors
  • Card Stock
  • Nature's treasures: sticks, leaves, flowers, and any other found objects from nature
  • Coloring Supplies (Optional)

Mask Style #1


Mask Style #2


Mask Style #3



  1. Print the templates by clicking the 'Print' buttons below the images!
  2. Print out the file on white paper or card stock. Make sure your printer is set to horizontal orientation.
  3. Cut out the masks along the black outlines.
  4. Use glue, found objects from nature, and any other art supplies of your choice to decorate your mask!
  5. Once your mask has dried use the string to measure your child’s head and attach to the mask.