Sarah's Silks Printable Paper Dolls

We've partnered with our friends at NestNotes to create some printable paper dolls featuring some of our most popular silk dress-up items so you can make your very own set of Sarah's Silks paper dolls at home. For best results print these out on a heavy card stock and cut out using sharp scissors.

Materials Needed

  • Paper Dolls Printable (Download/Print below)
  • Scissors
  • Card Stock
  • Coloring Supplies (Optional)

Paper Dolls with short hair

Sarah's Silks Paper Dolls with short hair Print

Paper Dolls with long hair

Sarah's Silks Paper Dolls with long hair Print

Paper Dolls Outline

Sarah's Silks Paper Dolls outlines Print


  1. Print the templates by clicking the 'Print' buttons below the images!
  2. Print out the file on white paper or card stock. Make sure your printer is set to horizontal orientation.
  3. If you choose the outline template, color in the dolls and silks with the art supplies of your choice!
  4. Cut out the dolls and silks along the black outlines - Be careful not to cut off the tabs on the silks or the box beneath the feet.
  5. Fold over the tabs and use them to attach your silks to your dolls! Have fun!