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Sustainability & Ethics

Sarah's Silks began 27 years ago in a small garage in Windsor, California. However, the ethos at the core of the company stems from the values that Sarah's family holds dear to their hearts. The company’s growth has always been organic, driven by a passion and love for what we do.

Our sustainability pledge takes into account not just environmental factors, but also our social responsibility. We are believers in innovation and we see no need for conflict between increasing business growth and reducing environmental footprint. A sustainable mindset is a natural part of our creative ethos, and we stay active in communities locally and abroad to make sure everything we do contributes to improving working conditions and the environment.

The frog does not drink up the pond in which it lives.

Chinese Proverb

Utilizing natural materials

A large share of the sustainability impact of the textile, clothing, and children's toy industries happens at the raw materials stage. Material selection affects how you can wash an item, and potentially recycle or compost it one day - both important factors to consider when it comes to our environmental impact.

Silk is a naturally biodegradable fiber and when treated with nontoxic dyes, it can go on to provide nutrition for your soil instead of landing in your trashcan. From raw materials to end product, our silk stays free from harmful chemicals, including toxins and irritants. The silk items you bring into your home from Sarah's Silks are 100% safe and healthy, even for babies.

Additionally, our wooden products are made using all-natural poplar, maple, and birch wood from trees grown in the USA. We strive to use only wood from forests that are selectively culled to preserve their integrity.

Minimizing our footprint

We are big believers in finding creative ways to reduce our ecological footprint. Our packaging has always been minimal, and we are always working to find even more environmentally friendly altenatives. We partner with EcoEnclose to utilize the latest in eco-friendly packaging technologies, and we refuse to use plastic in any of our materials or packaging, and continually make an effort to move towards a zero waste standard.

We import goods by sea transport, which is considerably more efficient than air and road transport, and takes higher priority in achieving national and international climate goals. Some products such as wavee boards are transported via train across the country to various warehouses to reduce shipping distances.

Each year for Earth Day, our team tries to get together to do something to better our local environment. In 2019, we took a trip to the local beaches to pick up trash and support our local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.

Supporting our community

We aspire to do our part in supporting our community and charitable organizations, and we enthusiastically collaborate and support local teachers, crafters, events, and causes.

In support of the worldwide community in 2020, we made and distributed over 8000 silk masks to assist with the COVID-19 pandemic and normalize mask wearing among children.