The Birthday Child Transparency

Birthday Transparency Instructions

Step 1- Print the transparency template. Cut around the outside of the template and glue it to a piece of card stock. Allow the glue to dry completely before continuing onto step 2.

Step 2- Using the template as a guide, use a craft knife and cutting board to cut out the inside of your transparency. Take your time, particularly when cutting out the small details such as the face and hair. It helps to make small cuts and turn the card so you aren’t cutting at an awkward angle. Don’t forget to cut out the inside of the cape!

Step 3- When your transparency is cut out, spread glue across the back of the picture and the border. Place it glue side down onto a piece of light coloured tissue paper to form a background. I used a pale blue. Trim the tissue paper background so it is in line with the outside border of your transparency.

Step 4- Continuing to work on the back of your transparency, now it is time to add some details. I tore small strips of rainbow coloured tissue paper and glued them to the back of the cape to create a rainbow pattern. I freehand cut small stars using a small pair of scissors and glued these to the back above the child’s hands. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own unique touches.

Step 5- Now your transparency is finished. Once the glue has dried it can be displayed in a window or in a postcard stand on your celebration table with a candle burning behind it.