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Naturally Dyed Playsilks

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A natural color spectrum hand-dyed by Liz Spencer, @thedogwooddyer, for little ones. Sarah is so excited to collaborate with Liz!

These beautiful, naturally dyed playsilks are gentle and earth friendly. Liz along with her children gathered by hand some of the natural materials used for dyeing.

Available in 6 colors:

  • Wisteria Violet (from cochineal & organic indigo)
  • Indigo Blue (from organic indigo)
  • Moss Green (from weld, fustic & organic indigo)
  • Sunflower Yellow (from weld & fustic)
  • Poppy Orange (from weld, fustic & madder root)
  • Rosebud Pink (from cochineal)

Handmade in the USA:

  • Heavy weight silk (8 momme)
  • Measuring 35 inches x 35 inches
  • Very limited supply

The first naturally dyed playsilks laboratory tested under the strict USA standards for safety of children’s toys.