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Ocean Play House

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Wooden Play Houses are perfect for small world play, nature table displays, and so much more!

Inspired by our great appreciation of the Earth's vast oceans, our Ocean Play House features marine life on all three sides, including a starfish, sea turtle, kelp, dolphins, and a nautilus shell! We believe that sharing our love of marine life with children is a wonderful way to inspire them to be mindful about how we are treating our oceans directly and indirectly through our consumption.


Add a Playsilk cover and change the color of the environment, season, or time of day! Pairs wonderfully with our new Summer Playsilks, as well as our Ocean and Sea Playsilks! Some other ideas include:

  • Make a triangle house
  • Use as a puppet theater
  • Babies can use as a Playsilk “pull”
  • Make a maze

Made of all-natural Baltic Birchwood in California. Comes with a waxed hemp cord for assembly and simple instructions.

The fully assembled Play House measures 27in long x 9in tall.

Safe & fun for all ages.


Ocean Play House