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Playsilk Gift Wrap

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Mini White
Mini Sky Blue
Mini Lavender
Reduce waste this Holiday season with Furoshiki, the Japanese art of creating beautifully minimal gift wrap with silk. The silk used for wrapping can then act as a second gift, or be saved and reused for future Holidays and birthdays. 
Each furoshiki gift wrap comes with 
  • one playsilk (select color and size below)
  • one of our Winter art cards
  • an instructional card with written and visual guidelines on how to wrap your present using the Furoshiki method
Furoshiki gift wrap is available in our regular, 35 x 35 inch playsilk in the following colorways:
  • red
  • emerald
  • gold
and in our mini, 21 x 21 inch playsilk in the following colorways:
  • sky blue
  • lavender
  • white
A regular playsilk is large enough to wrap bigger items such as a doll or a fort kit, whereas the mini playsilk is a suitable size for wrapping smaller treasures like a dress up item, a wrist streamer, or a play clip.