Playsilks in Blue Grass

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Our 2021 Easter Playsilks are the perfect eco-friendly addition to your family's Easter traditions and to your child's collection of open-ended toys!

Blue Grass is inspired by the deep teal blue of Kentucky Blue Grass.

Ever since we first began incorporating Playsilks in our household as Easter Basket Grass, we've never looked back to the traditional plastic filling!

  • Made with 100% real silk, our Playsilks are vibrant and give off a light sheen
  • Add to an Easter Basket for a soft and forgiving cushioning for Easter Eggs
  • Measures 35 inches by 35 inches
  • After use as Easter Basket Grass, the silk becomes a wonderful open-ended toy for dress up, small world play, fort building, dancing, and more

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Playsilks in Blue Grass