Rainbow Unicorn


Prance across the sky with all the colors of the rainbow trailing behind you! We put this costume together with the most exuberant dress up enthusiast in mind - and have a feeling it may be one that is re-worn again and again long after Halloween is over.

Our Rainbow unicorn set includes:

  • 1x lavender Playsilk, tied as a skirt
  • 1x rainbow Playsilk as a base layer, tied around your waist with a tail hanging behind you
  • 1x white Playsilk wrapped around you toga-style, just sheer enough that you can catch a glimpse of dreamy lavender and magical rainbow silk underneath it

Our costume designer chose to use 2 Enchanted Rainbow Playsilks, 2 white Playsilks, 1 lavender Playsilk and a Unicorn Headband. Feel free to add or subtract Playsilks to fit your child's costume needs!