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Trick-or-Treat Basket

Trick-or-Treat Basket

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Our beautiful Bolga Baskets are handmade in Bolgatanga, Ghana. They are woven by hand from thick elephant grass. Each basket is one of a kind. Sarah chose a natural fiber basket that compliments our colorful Halloween costumes beautifully.

Measures between 7"x7" - 10"x10", the perfect basket for trick-or-treating, egg hunting, picnicking and storing Playsilks!

Includes a beautiful informational and basket awakening card.

Handwoven. Fair Trade. Sustainable.

Sustainably Made

Handmade in Bolgatanga, Ghana from natural elephant grass. Fair trade.

Care Instructions

Basket Preparation:

1. Spray with water.
2. Form your basket.
3. Reshape your basket.
4. Air dry.

Tip: Spray extra water to reshape!

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Safety Info

Fun & safe for ages 3+

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