How to Make a Seasonal Nature Table

Nature tables or seasonal tables are a lovely addition to the home and classroom. 

They are a place to celebrate the changing seasons, the natural cycle of the year. Our observation of what goes on in nature is sharpened when we walk outside, look carefully and take small pieces of special things back indoors with us. Our walks can become spiritual experiences.

Children love to collect beautiful natural objects and are often proud to see them displayed in a special place in the home. Let them play with there but also hold the space as sacred and special. You will foster an inner connection with nature.

How to:

1. Start with a small table, top of a bookshelf, piano, or other area in a commonly used room.

2. Vary the height of the surface-use blocks or a box. This adds levels and interest.

3. Drape the surface with cloth- silk, cotton or wool to match the colors outside of the mood of the current season. Use 1-2 colors.

4. Hang (with push pins or use a piece of cardboard or book to drape over) a color for the sky as background. You could also suspend a tree branch with string from the ceiling or anchor it in a vase.

5. Add a vase for flowers, grasses, wild things and a candle.

6. Stones and small logs of wood are nice to add next.

7. Take a walk and see what you find! Add things that are special-acorns, shells, a bird's nest, feathers, sticks, fall leaves....

8. Special toys and figures can be put there too.

9. For special celebrations you may have a themed table: Easter, Advent, Michaelmas, Birthdays, Valentines Day. 

Color Ideas per season:

Spring: Yellow, Pink, Lime Green, Sky Blue

Summer: Green, Rose, Royal

Fall: Orange, Gold, Brown

Winter: White, Royal, Red

I'd love to see what you make!


These wonderful tableaux were made by Stefania @la_waziya 

Ideas from the book The Nature Corner by Leeuwen and Moeslops

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These are so beautiful!! What a great use for play silks! And I love your nature tables! So lovely!! 😍

Alex Goode

Our nature table sits in front of the window so the sky is the sky :) We love the couple of silks we own. They are used constantly.

Lalania OConnor

I am so excited to set up a nature table! I have been experimenting with a few peg dolls to make season gnomes! ♡


We are just in the process of setting up our nature table…and we just love your playsilks!


We do a nature table/scene and it is a lovely part of our home and my two daughters childhood! They sometimes request certain scenes ( a popular request is Elsa beskows children of the forest) … or as we celebrate holidays or change of seasons Sometimes it is all things they collect in nature and sometimes is more elaborate (as I enjoy the process!) we absolutely love it!

Susan Bosk

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