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Our factories

We partner exclusively with factories that not only do exceptional work, but treat their employees with exceptional respect.

We have been working with some these factories since the early days of the brand. They are medium sized, family-run businesses that have grown with us for over 20 years, in turn helping each other to shape the business we are today.

From the beginning, Sarah Silk's has prioritized a moral responsibility to the earth and its people. It has always been important to us that our manufacturing process be sensitive to the environment, and that the people involved at every step of the process are treated with respect, receive a fair wage, and are not expected to work in uncomfortable or hazardous conditions. We have the pleasure of visiting the facilities where our silks are made, and meeting the skilled people who hand-dye and hem our products in the beautiful village of Souzhou.

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We believe in a commitment to our employees; not to be regarded as cogs in a wheel, but as craftspeople with boundless potential.

Employees first. Period.

We vet our factories based on three benchmarks — fair trade, empowerment, and transparency — to ensure they meet our highest standards for employee treatment, equality, and betterment.

Fair Trade

We seek factories who value their employees and the environment by issuing fair wages and quality working conditions.


We want employees to feel empowered, so we look for partners who value employee retention, promoting from within, with equal opportunity for all.


We audit often and build personal relationships with every vendor to ensure accountability and honest communication.

Where our products are made

Suzhou, China

Our silk is Habotai, an ancient product from China. Silk making is an ancient tradition that is indigenous to China, and is still an important and celebrated process in Chinese culture today. Sarah’s Silks are woven, dyed, and hand-hemmed in a small village near Suzhou, a beautiful city long renowned for its silk culture

California, USA

The hand-hemmed and dyed products travel to Sonoma County, where women work in their homes to finish assembling, ironing, and packaging the silks. Our Wooden Play Frames, Play Clips, and Play Houses are crafted in San Bernardino County. Sarah, Mike, and son Josh Lee manage Sarah's Silks from their Sonoma County homes, and much of the team is also local to California, where we design and develop new ideas to continually expand on our selection of open-ended playthings.

The sensibility of silk

Silk is an ancient, luxurious textile that’s been cultivated in Asia for thousands of years. Silk is produced from the cocoons of silk worms that feed on Mulberry trees and has one the smallest eco footprints of any textile.

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