The City of Dawn

The City of Dawn

Auroville is a universal town where women and men from all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity.

Auroville India

"Auroville was founded by the Mother, the spiritual collaborator of the Indian sage Sri Aurobindo. The task of giving a concrete form to Sri Aurobindo's vision was entrusted to the Mother. The creation of a new world, a new humanity, a new society expressing and embodying the new consciousness is the work she has undertaken."

From Auroville

Our Waldorf Dolls are produced in ways that preserve the integrity and beauty of Mother Earth and her people.

We believe in complete transparency. Our Waldorf Dolls are made from pure wool and organic cotton grown and hand-sewn in Auroville, India.

Our factories must meet three benchmarks: fair trade, empowerment, & transparency.

Fair Trade

Our factories value their employees and the environment by issuing fair wages and quality working conditions.


We want employees to feel empowered, so we look for partners who value employee retention, promoting from within, with equal opportunity for all.


We audit often and build personal relationships with every vendor to ensure accountability and honest communication.

From the beginning, Sarah Silk's has prioritized a moral responsibility to the earth and its people. It has always been important to us that our manufacturing process be sensitive to the environment, and that the people involved at every step of the process are treated with respect, receive a fair wage, and are not expected to work in uncomfortable or hazardous conditions.