Talula Belle

Talula Belle

Talula Belle

Talula Belle

Our dear office dog, Talula. Here she is wearing a mini-rainbow playsilk, running through our abundant dandelion field. 

She is a Havanese dog, originally from Cuba.

Two things I love about Talula are:

  • Havanese are circus trick dogs~she jumps through hoops and dances on her back legs

  • Havanese are also called "silk" dogs~because their hair is silky soft

Which I swear I didn't know before I got her.  A happy coincidence.

And she loves to play!  Which is also perfect for me as I am now considering my profession as being a Play Advocate.

Here you can see her dressed up in her rainbow mini-playsilk. She also enjoys playing with the streamers, and chasing after skytails. 

Have you ever dressed your dog up in a playsilk?

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