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Many of us, as adults, have a strong feeling of separation between our work and play. Work may be thought of as a more dreaded must-do activity; play something we do on our weekends and free time.  By incorporating the essence of creative play into our work we are happier and more productive people. Putting more of ourselves into each task we do is more fulfilling and soul affirming. Which brings more joy into our lives.

Intentionally and enthusiastically engaging in meaningful work around our children shows them by example how to "play" with purpose. Our children will associate the goodness of our deeds with our work and this encourages them to play in joyful imitation of us. Our enthusiasm and thoughtfulness for our tasks shows them that "work is love made visible".

Children do not naturally separate work and play. Their play is their work. As they begin a task they lose themselves in the activity, pretending and playing with enthusiasm as the "work" of the project keeps them physically engaged so too are their minds engaged in imagination.  There is balance and joy. Work and play are not separate but form a marvelous, flowing lemniscate.  

How do you find ways to keep your work playful, creative, interesting?