Our toys are designed by Sarah in Forestville, CA. You can see her oldest son Josh hard at work making string games here.

We have raised our own silk cocoons here which is a highly recommended project if you have Mulberry trees. Here is an article about how to.

We have visited China, where almost all of the world's silk is cultivated and we were pleasantly surprised to find the Mulberry trees, whose leaves feed the worms, to be growing and thriving in deforested, polluted areas. These trees are helping!  And providing food for the silk worms.

Hand hemmed scarves are what playsilks are made from. In the village where ours are sewn, the families work together in neighborhood homes. We are connected to them and pay them decent wages.

Here is the USA we do finishing work, some dyeing, packaging and more. Our shop is in our home and we employ mostly moms to help us. We have a "bring your kids to work" policy that works out very well for all.

Our playsilks, giant silks, dressups and toys are played with all over the world. In Waldorf schools, in play therapy groups, dance classes and homes.