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Make a Simple Doll from a Playsilk

Make a Simple Doll from a Playsilk

Make a Simple Doll from a Playsilk

Many times when my kids were small we would find ourselves in a park, hotel, restaurant or airplane when suddenly they would need a simple prop for pretending.

Our dear friend Torii most often requested a baby. I got good at wrapping up a playsilk in such a way that she could cradle it, love it and imagine it was her real baby.

My sons more often wanted an animal, or a throwing toy. We learned to tie silks into little animals for floor play and shooting stars to throw in hotel rooms.

This summer, as you travel, consider packing some playsilks to entertain your kids. Our dear friend Torii was also very fond of packing, her mom appreciated that the playsilks packed up small! They do fold up small, open up to be quite big and are versatile!  Grandparents will be surprised to see what the kiddos come up with and may join in the play too.

This beautiful dolly is from The Magic Onion.

And here is one I made.


  • i’m a preschool teacher and a better question might be what have my children NOT done with a play silk? haha! they’ve been all kinds of clothing, blankets, capes, wings, they like to play “haircut” and wrap them around themselves so the hair doesn’t fall on them, they’ve been “doors” when clipped to boxes, they’ve been various animals, used them to make tunnels…the list really does go one and on! :-)

    Becki on

  • Our family lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where the weather does not permit the children enjoy all the seasons throughout the year. Sarah’s silks help me to set up the nature tables for them to help them understand about the nature and seasons. And Rainbow Scape is my favorite, every time I come into my daughters room it is there hung over the window curtain rod, making everyone feel so wonderful. It is the only rainbow my kids able to see. Thank you, Sarah, for your wonderful silks!

    Elena on

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