Beeswaxing Wooden Toys 🐝

Beeswaxing Wooden Toys 🐝

Beeswaxing Wooden Toys 🐝

Beeswaxing Wooden Toys

A Simple Craft in Beeswax & Wood

Beeswaxing is a wonderful craft to do with children to give their wooden toys a beautiful shine and also make them waterproof! Your child may bring their wooden toys into the pool or bathtub after they have been beeswaxed.


What You'll Need:


1. Using your hands or a cloth, take a liberal scoop of the beeswax and apply it generously to all sides of the toy. Work the extra beeswax into the surface of the wood with your cloth. Using circular motions to work the beeswax in can be helpful.

2. After coating the toy in beeswax, leave the toy for several hours or overnight. Any extra beeswax on the surface will soak in.

3. Enjoy playing with your beautiful wooden toy! Take it to the pool or into the bath. Remember to keep wooden toys out of the bright sun for long periods of time to avoid drying out and fading.

Learning to care for their wooden toys is an enriching experience for children.




  • Wooden puzzles are not just mind-teasers; they’re pieces of art that challenge our problem-solving skills while displaying intricate craftsmanship."

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  • Hello! This is awesome! Do you know if there is a way to add color?

    Eden on

  • Can


    be used as another lubricant?

    Informatika on

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