Color Love : Black

Color Love : Black

Color Love : Black

Color Love : Black

1. Vintage great horned owl illustration
2. Hadiya Williams ceramic jewlery
3. Augusta Savage, Lift Every Voice and Sing (The Harp)
4. Button pack at
5.  Mayahuel Culture handmade shoes
6. We are the Future Shirt Thebee&
7. Vintage sparrow illustration

bird illustration

At Sarah's Silks we highly value color, how colors communicate and how different colors make us feel. We recognize that we learn and grow through color when it is used with intent in folklore, rituals, seasonal traditions and play! To honor the language of color, we decided to focus individual attention on each and every color in the Sarah's Silks color spectrum. Starting with the color black, which happens to be the most recent solid color added to our silk color wheel. 

The color black was missing from Waldorf art supplies and toys for many years. This made many of us wonder why... and many of you asked me for black Playsilks. We introduced black Playsilks in 2018, knowing that the color black belonged in our spectrum, likely well before then! Today we celebrate the beauty it brings into our lives, and all that it represents to community. 
We hope you enjoy our on going Color Love journal entries. Can you guess which color will be next? Leave a comment below with your guess and contact information and those who guessed correctly will receive a coupon code for 20% off their next purchase.

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