the perfect outdoor play space

the perfect outdoor play space

the perfect outdoor play space
DIY Tent Using a  Giant Playsilk!

A tent is such a perfect outdoor source of shades for kids to hang out. They use it for picnic, a spot for reading books or just to enjoy nature listening to the birds and some fresh air. With these tents you can use supplies that you already have and our giant playsilk.

12 bamboo poles (available at your local nursery)
Clothespins/play clips
Picnic blanket

To build the tent’s frame, take three bamboo poles and use them to make a tripod.

Use rope to tie the poles together at their top.

Prop the rest of the bamboo poles against the tripod in the shape of a cone. Secure them with the rope by wrapping it tightly around the poles.

Use a giant playsilk as a canvas and cover the frame using clothespins/play clips to secure it.

Lay out a blanket inside the tent and enjoy the shade! You may also try adding a rainbow veil as a flag for decoration.
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