Halloween Switch Witch

When my boys were small they enjoyed trick-or-treating but I didn't want them to eat all that candy. My friend told me about the Halloween Elf who takes away the candy and leaves a toy in its place. I thought that was a great idea. We let them choose a few pieces then put the rest out by the doorstep at night and in the morning a new toy would be in its place!

Since then I've heard about this tradition from many other parents. Some call it the Halloween Fairy or Switch Witch.

What does your family do?

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We’ve only gone the past two years, and the candy thing does make a problem for us. I let her have a piece a day till it’s gone, usually sort out more than half of it on Halloween. We haven’t gone to many houses because her little legs get tired. The switch witch is a great idea, maybe we need a new tradition this Halloween!


My daughter is only 1.5 so she’s never trick or treated before. But I do try to limit her sugar. So the switch witch idea is a very cute way to do that. Much nicer than me just hiding it all and eating it myself lol

Kerri Hardt

It’s my daughter’s first year trick or treating and I was just planning to help her eat the candy, but this might be a better idea!


We have tried a couple techniques to help curb the sugar & dye intake. The first was to allow our kiddos to eat however much they’d like after trick or treating and when they were done the rest was thrown away (believe it or not they never ate all their candy). The secon approach was the switch with idea of trading in candy for a prize. Both have worked well. Thanks!


Our one-year-old hasn’t experienced trick-or-treat yet, but I like the idea of letting him choose a reasonable amount of candy and switching the rest in a magical way.


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