Simplifying Halloween & Keeping the Magic

Simplifying Halloween & Keeping the Magic

Simplifying Halloween & Keeping the Magic




Teaching our children to care for Mother Earth is very important to me. This Halloween I hope to encourage you to use eco-friendly, reusable dress ups - natural fibers that come from the earth and go back into the earth and feel good to little one’s skin. Open-ended possibilities that will be used for year round play feel right to me during a time when we're all trying to be conscious of the environment and tread lightly...



When my three sons were little, I found it really fun to make the costumes with them, and I hope that you'll find joy in that too! No matter the end result, we always enjoyed the creative process. Some highlights for me were: a baseball card- cardboard with a hole cut out for his head and all the stats written in marker; Satchkin Patchkin-a little green magic man from a kindergarten story and our all time favorite Peter Pan.


There are so many fantastic costumes you can make with just a few silks, whatever else you have lying around your house, and an extra dash of make believe. I’d recommend also investing in a good pair of warm, solid colored pajamas to use as a base layer to drape and tie and twist your silks over. Silk is lightweight enough that you can add layers upon layers before it starts to get bulky, so it works wonderfully for adding adornment or new elements to last year's costume as well.



You can browse all of our simple, reusable, eco-friendly costume ideas here! Coupon code: Halloween 🎃 gives 20% off playsilks this week!

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