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Naturally Dyed Golden Capes

Naturally Dyed Golden Capes

Naturally Dyed Golden Capes

Naturally Dyed Golden Capes

A Simple Craft to Celebrate Michaelmas

"I give you a cape of light, to give you courage, strength and might!" 

Michaelmas is a September festival celebrated in Waldorf classrooms and around the world that honors Saint Michael for his strength and protection. Children are encouraged to find their inner bravery and slay his or her "dragons" within. During this festive time, teachers and students will dye golden Playsilks and wear them as capes. Discover how to dye your own using turmeric powder from your spice cupboard!  

What You'll Need:


Add 3-4 tablespoons of turmeric powder to your pot along with your Playsilks and enough water to cover them.


    Turn on your burner to medium heat. When your water is simmering, turn your burner to low and cook for 20 minutes.


    Continue stirring your Playsilks to ensure the color dyes evenly.

    Once cool, rinse and ring out your silks, hang to dry. Leave your silks to “cure”.


    Iron your Golden Playsilks to restore their shine!


     Happy Michaelmas!



    Sarah and Madlyn



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    • Hi I just ordered 6 playsilks for my daycare. If we dye them with turmeric powder should I put them all in the pot together or separately?
      Also if we use food coloring do we cook them or leave the water cool?

      Kristi on

    • Hi! Thank you for this Michaelmas project! Is there any need to fix this tumeric dye? Should the capes be washed separately when the time comes to clean them?

      Elli on

    • Hi there, thank you and I’m excited to see your costumes – hope you share them with us @sarahssilks on IG! For mint green I recommend child safe food coloring. Unfortunately there is no green natural dye!

      Madlyn Jane on

    • Perfect timing as we prep for costumes! Any advice on getting a mint green color?

      Destiney on

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