Peek-a-boo! Fun to Play with Babies & They're Learning Too


Peek-a-boo is an important game for young children as they’re still learning the concept of object permanence. They're also experiencing safe separation as babies genuinely believe that their loved one has disappeared when they can't see them anymore. You might hear in this video baby E gasp when the playsilk covers him and then he squeals in delight when he sees his loved one again. As parents we naturally play peek-a-boo with our kids. I remember when my kids would laugh with delight when we played with our silks.

This game is great for siblings or multiple adults as you can switch up who surprises the baby when the playsilk floats away.⁣

If you don’t know this song here are the lyrics. Enjoy singing with your children.
xoxo Sarah

Oh Mr Sun, Sun, ⁣
Mr golden Sun, ⁣
Please shine down on me. ⁣

Oh Mr Sun, Sun, ⁣
Mr golden Sun, ⁣
Hiding behind those trees. ⁣

These children are asking you, ⁣
To please come out so we can play with you. ⁣

Oh Mr Sun, Sun, ⁣
Mr golden Sun, ⁣
Please shine down on me. ⁣ ⁣

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Our favorite game is playing peek a boo with dollies and our dog:)


We love our play silks. This is how we first started to play peak-a-boo. Now my son 11 months old will play back. He loves the feel of the silks on his skin. We love our Sarah’s silks!


We play peek-a-boo on mommy’s head, and baby pulls off the scarf! We love play based learning.


My grandchild laughs when I tie the silk in my hair and he tries to get it out! Hide and seek with objects too! Plus peekaboo.


I love to hand the play silks from my grandbaby’s play gym and lower and raise Them! She loves the colors and textures, laughs every time!


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