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Sarah's Silks 25th Anniversary Party

Sarah's Silks 25th Anniversary Party

Thank you friends and family for joining us to celebrate Sarah’s Silks 25th Anniversary!

The entire week leading up to and including the party was such an amazing, special time for me. Thank you to everyone who came or supported in any way they could. It meant so much to me! I got a chance to remember and share my story of how Sarah's Silks began 25 years ago.

A collage board I made of old catalogs, price sheets, product photography and family photographs. We've really come a long way in producing beautiful images, videos and - most importantly - working on making the highest quality open-ended children's toys we possibly can!



I made a dress-up area for the children to pick out a few special silks and design their own costumes to wear during the party.



And after the children got dressed-up, Aila - our amazing customer care team leader - did face painting!


Delicious food catered by Gerard's Paella.

...and of course, lots of pretend play!

 We all danced and then ate cake and cupcakes.

Thank you from all of us at Sarah's Silks!


xoxo, Sarah

Ivo, Josh, Lev, Sarah R., Kim, Sarah, Mike, Elizabeth, Aila, Sonja S. & Morgan


  • How refreshing to Celebrate something so profoundly healing. Thank you!

    Sidney Walker on

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