Simplicity Parenting

Simplicity Parenting

Simplicity Parenting

Simplicity Parenting

At Sarah’s Silks we believe having only a few open-ended toys can lead to happier, more engaged children and feeling more successful and less overwhelmed as a parent.

This can be done by simply going through and sorting toys into two piles - one pile to keep and another pile to donate. We even encourage you to do this with your children!

While sorting you may find asking yourself and your children these questions helpful:
“Does this spark joy? Let’s keep it!”
“Can this toy be used in many different ways? Let’s keep it!”
“Does it only have a single purpose or way to play? If it doesn’t have sentimental value, maybe we will donate it!”

If children are part of sorting and deciding what to keep and donate, it makes parting with their toys easier. Another helpful prompt for children is the kind reminder that by donating these toys they become gifts for other children.

Thoughtful play spaces with toys that nurture instead of stimulate, encourage children to engage in deeper, more meaningful play.

Baskets and shelves are wonderful and inviting options for toy storage in play spaces. A basket of Playsilks promotes self-directed play - they will be used as a backdrop for small world play - water for boats, grass for animals - dress-up as a cape, skirt, or veil - and with Playclips they will be used for fort building!
Toy rotation is a wonderful method to keep the shelves fresh, yet not have too many overwhelming choices for children to play with.

Caring for toys is a wonderful way for children to work alongside their parents. Sewing, mending, washing, beeswaxing are all nourishing activities that children delight in and help them take pride in caring for their toys.



  • Thank you! It’s a Forest Playsilk. You may find it here:

    Madlyn Jane on

  • Great post. Which green silk is hanging with the enchanted collection? It looks nice together.

    Michele Graglia on

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