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The Ancient Japanese Art of Cloth Wrapping
December 9th, 2020 
WE WERE DRAWN to this timeless practice of wrapping gifts in bits of cloth, and in our case Playsilks, because of its sustainable nature. The Playsilks used for wrapping can then act as a second gift, or be saved and reused for future holidays and birthdays!


Follow along with our production artist, Becca, as she wraps her gifts with Playsilks!

There are many ways to wrap your furoshiki, below are two easy-to-follow illustrations to try with your different shaped presents this year.

A wonderful 4 step wrap for books. 

If you're gifting juggling balls or other round-shaped presents this year, this wrap may be useful.

You can make your own furoshiki this year too by repurposing old bits of fabric from worn-out clothing, bedsheets, or tablecloths!