The Art of Furoshiki

The Art of Furoshiki

A Simple Craft in Silk Gift Wrapping
December 5th, 2021



Furoshiki is a square cloth used to carry your belongings or to make beautifully wrapped presents. The process of wrapping with Furoshiki cloth originated in the Nara Period (710 B.C) of Japan as a way to wrap valuable objects that were found in temples. It later developed as a way to wrap clothing and carry belongings. Because of the sustainable and versatile nature of Furoshiki wrapping it is still a popular practice today. By replacing paper wrapping and plastic bags with reusable cloth or silk you are giving a little gift to the earth as well as to your loved ones!



Furoshiki Playsilk Wrapping Steps





Lay your Playsilk like a diamond. Place your gift in the center of the Playsilk. Fold the top and bottom corners of the Playsilk to touch the sides of the box.





Fold the bottom of the Playsilk over the box and repeat on the other side. You should have two narrow lengths of fabric on either side of your box.





Take the lengths of fabric on either side and tie them together once on the top center of the box.





Tie them together once more to create a second knot.





May your holiday season be a celebration of your loved ones and the world around us.




Sarah & Madlyn

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