Waldorf Window Stars

Waldorf Window Stars

Waldorf Window Stars

Waldorf Window Stars

A Simple Craft in Paper Folding

IN WALDORF SCHOOLS, window stars are often displayed throughout the lower school grades to brighten the classrooms. Making one for your home can be a wonderful at-home craft to do with your little ones.


What you'll need:

  • Kite paper. We purchased ours from A Child's Dream
  • Double-sided tape or glue stick

Step One: Color Selection
Prepare 8 sheets of colored kite paper. We chose to use 8 different paper colors in rainbow tones, but you may select any colors you like!

Step Two: Folding
Begin by folding a single sheet of kite paper in half.
Open it up and fold it in half again, perpendicular to the first fold.

With your paper divided into four sections, bring each of the four corner points to the center following the center lines, creating a smaller square.

Fold two opposite corners of your new, smaller square towards the middle to meet the center line. Repeat these folds for all 8 sheets of paper.

Step Three: Assembling the Star
Layout all 8 star points. Turn one star point upside down and apply a small amount of double-sided tape to the bottom right corner. Flip it over, right side up and apply the star point on top of a second star point meeting the center line as a guide. Firmly press both star points together.

Repeat these assembly steps for all 8 star points.

Congratulations! Your Waldorf window star is finished. You may display it in a window in your home to brighten the room!

Stefania and Annabelle made these for us. They’ve been adding beautiful colored stars to our nature tables each month to go with the seasons. Find inspiration on our monthly nature table journal entries. You can also find their lovely creations here @la_waziya 



  • The star is beautiful ill have to try and make one

    Ernestine Haggard Richardson on

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