Fold Your Own Rainbow Easter Basket

Fold Your Own Rainbow Easter Basket

Fold Your Own Rainbow Easter Basket
A simple craft in watercolor & paper folding

We hope you and your little ones love folding your own rainbow Easter baskets!

You will need:

Watercolor paper



Paint your watercolor paper in rainbow colors or any way you wish. Let dry before making your basket.

Cut a 1” strip off one end of your sheet (this will be the handle of the basket later).

Fold both ends of your paper in towards the middle. You now have 3 sections.

Fold the top half and bottom half of your paper towards the middle. Your paper should now have 9 square sections from your creased folds.

Cut the top and bottom along the creases, stopping at the middle of your paper.

With the middle section, fold down each side to make a triangle. Cut this triangle out.

Cut the side sections into 4 even strips.

Fold the strips and middle triangles towards the middle and give them a good crease.

Fold all your side strips towards each other and bring the middle triangle up to meet them. Staple together.

Fold your 1” strip (you cut at the beginning) in half. Staple on to your basket to make the handle.

Time for a rainbow egg hunt!

Happy Easter!




  • Thank you Sarah!!! You have the best creative ideas!
    Happy Easter ! Happy Spring!

    Joan Wiebe on

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