Rainbow Birthday | A Waldorf Tradition

Rainbow Birthday | A Waldorf Tradition

Rainbow Birthday | A Waldorf Tradition

Waldorf Birthdays

A Special Verse, Birth-day Story, & Rainbow Cape & Crown!

Birthdays are special celebrations in Waldorf schools. The birthday child feels very special when given a Rainbow Cape and Rainbow Crown of their own. You may do this at any age at home, but I would especially like to encourage you to do it for your children turning five or six. It’s also lovely to make a special birthday table, do a birthday Around the Year Walk, and tell a special story like the one below.

Little Angel's Journey

(Please adjust this story to fit your special family constellation and spiritual beliefs)

Once upon a time there was a little child who was still with the angels and the child was very happy there. She looked at the beautiful colors and listened to the lovely music, and knew that that was where she belonged. 

One day the clouds parted and she saw the beautiful green Earth below with all the people happily playing and working and she suddenly longed to go there and see what it was like. She saw all the rainbow colors of the Earth; she saw butterflies visiting flowers and birds flying in the air. They seemed to be beckoning to her. She saw fish swimming in the sea and all the different plants that covered the Earth. She saw children climbing trees, running and jumping in the meadows and walking through sand and leaves. It was all so beautiful!

So she said to her angel, ‘Please, may I go down to Earth now?” But her angel looked at her and said, “No, it is too soon. You must wait a little while yet”.
The child waited and was happy and soon forgot about the Earth. Then one day again she saw a glimpse of the Earth through the clouds again. 

She saw mothers and fathers doing their work. She saw nurses and bakers and engineers and writers and farmers. She saw parents loving their children.

Then she saw a beautiful mother with love and longing in her heart for a child and she asked her angel now, “May I go to her?”

The angel said, “You must go through the land of dreams first.”

The next night the little child had a dream. She dreamed that she met two people and they stretched out their arms to her and asked her to come be their child. The child told her angel the dream.

The angel said, “It is now time for you to go.”

So the child asked, “May I go now?”

“You shall see,” said the angel.

That night the child went to sleep into dreamland and while ten moons waxed and waned she rocked in a little boat. 

And at the end of that time a beautiful rainbow bridge of rose, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet stretched from the sky to Earth and on it came the child as a tiny baby and slid into her parents waiting arms. (You can lay down a Rainbow Playsilk here for the child to walk over)

They looked in awe at this new life and
said “We shall call them ____________ “

(Light the first candle) When she was 1______(add a sweet event from her first year here)

(Light the second candle) When she was 2____

(Light the third candle) When she was 3____

(Light the fourth candle) When she was 4____

(Light the fifth candle) When she was 5____

(Light the sixth candle) And now she is 6____

Then sing “Happy birthday to you”...or “We wish you a happy birthday, a joyous and celebrated birthday for our dear _____ may you have a long happy life”!



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  • How did you make that banner in the photograph?

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  • Hi there, Nell. You could try a curling iron! But they are intended to be flat ribbon wands for dancing! Thank you!

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  • ♥️Hello Staff,
    We have a question concerning your “mini heart streamer toys” that we bought from Bella Luna. We wondered if there was someway to curl the silk streamer because the picture that we saw on Bella Luna‘s site has the streamer beautifully curled and when we got them we realized they’re quite flat ribbons of silk and not curly at al.
    🌸 Is there any way for us to curl them and if you could send us the answer quickly we‘d really appreciate it because our party is tomorrow.
    ♥️ Thank you so much for all your assistance !
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