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Rainbow Juggling Bags

Rainbow Juggling Bags

Rainbow Juggling Bags
Children delight in learning to juggle! You may also use these juggling bags for toss, or make a ring with a Playsilk and try to get all your juggling bags inside! 

You will need:

12 silk pieces, or you may choose to buy our Playsilk Scrap Bags
Cotton thread (you may choose any color)
A fine needle
6 cups of rice (to fill your juggling bags)
Sewing Machine (optional)


First, make a square template out of cardboard and cut out all your Playsilk Scraps to the same size. Our template measures 4 1/2" but yours may need to be different depending on the size of your scraps.

Next, put two squares together and sew around 3 edges to make your bags. We used a sewing machine for this but you may also sew them by hand. Leave the top open so you can fill them.

Turn your bags right side out. Then, use an iron to press a 1/4" seam allowance along the top of your bag. This will make stitching the final edge easier after you have filled them.

Fill your bags with rice or beans, leaving a little room at the top.

Stitch up the final edge of your bags by hand using a slip stitch or whip stitch.

Now it's time to juggle the rainbow!


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