Witch's Broom

Witch's Broom

For ages 5 & up!

WITCH'S BROOM IS a simple, beautiful string game that Waldorf school teachers often begin with as it's primarily done using only one hand at a time.

What you'll need:

  • A String Game. You can get ours here, but any thick string that's tied into a loop can work too!

Step One: Looping

 Begin by looping your string game over the thumb and pinky of your right hand.



Step Two: Pulling

Using the index finger of your left hand, pull the palm string on your right hand down.

Repeat the process of pulling the palm string on your right hand down once more.

Step Three: Pinching

Using the pinky finger and thumb of your left hand, reach under and up through the loops on the pinky finger and thumb of your left hand, pinching the string snugly and pulling it down.

Step Four: Making the Broom!

Without releasing the string pinched between your thumb and pinky finger from step three, carefully place it so that it lines up with the fingers on your right hand. Once it's lined up, let it down gently along the backside of your right hand. 


With the index finger and thumb of your left hand grab the loop that now rests in the palm of your right hand and pull up gently to complete the string game!


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